Hypertech Max Energy

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The Hypertech Max Energy Programmer is a unique programmer for your vehicle. Not only does the Max Energy boast incredible gains in speed and power, with up to 176 horsepower for diesel and 57 horsepower for gas; but this Hypertech programmer breaks the molds in tons of its features. Please Click Here For More Information

This tuner can promises the horsepower you need whatever RPM you’re running at, and it provides it even if you happen to be hauling up to 10,000lbs! Another feature unique to this Hypertech mod, is that it doesn’t have to de-fuel your engine in order to maintain temperatures in your engine, which means you don’t need to lose momentum in order to keep from blowing your stack!

Furthermore, the Max Energy will make sure your odometer and speedometer are accurately tracking your vehicle’s performance, in addition to checking and clearing diagnostic trouble codes. For the most clever tricks and features in a single automotive module, check out the Hypertech Max Energy Programmer.

  • The Hyptertech Max Energy Programmer provides up to 176 horsepower for diesel rigs and 57 horsepower for gas rigs.
  • Provides up to 1.5 to 6 MPG.
  • Maintains temperature in your engine without de-fueling.
  • Checks and clears diagnostic trouble codes.
  • Lifetime warranty.

Hypertech Max Energy E-Con

Hypertech Max Energy E-Con - Hypertech Programmer - Hypertech Econ

The Max Energy E-Con from Hypertech is focused on optimizing your engine’s fuel efficiency. Connecting directly to your engine’s computer, the Hypertech E-Con gets the most out of the fuel you have. Click Here for more information.

In addition to saving you trips to the fill station, the E-Con from Hypertech also saves you from having to always visit a mechanic! The E-Con can check and clear diagnostic trouble codes to let you know what the problem is that’s causing that ‘check engine’ light to flash!

Working with either a gas or diesel vehicle, the Hypertech E-Con can switch back your vehicle to it’s original stock settings if need be, and it can also download the latest updates by connecting the Internet. Hypertech is giving you one of the easiest ways to get the most for you buck in fuel economy, while also performing dozens of helpful and reliable features, saving you from losing money on both fuel and repairs.